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Damn, this is an improvement from ONwS. When I hit Play I didn't expect this game to be scary but when I first got jumpscared my heart raced bro. And this is even harder than ONwS and ONwS isn't even that hard. Keep up the good games, I can see you've gotten better at game making and I'm proud of you.


Thanks! Also fun fact, this is canon to ONwS lmao


Dear Developer!

You can use TurboWarp Packager - Convert Scratch projects to HTML, EXE, and more to convert .sb3 files to .exe!

That's how I convert it to HTML lmao

If you're talking about Windows, Mac, and Linux ports. Those are set to come MUCH later in development.


I just shut off my pc and no characters appeared for a hour

Real or in-game time?


Hmmst, I try and see what caused it


this is the best game ive ever played

I played it the 5th Time and I still ask "Why is the flashlight winding up?" because 1. the Night 3 is just too easy you have to spam the wind button and if a wierd sound comes you have to flashlight 2. That thing with the Flaslight, it´s just boring, there is just no Challenge.

(P.S. I still like your Game and I don´t know why I like it)

Once again, the game is still in beta so there are a lot of things we have to do. Fortunately, fixing the original nights is one of them. So nights 1-3 were already gonna get revamped anyway.

Wow you are making more Games than the other People I followed and I follow like 10 or something XD

Question: I just had an Idea, that you make an UCN for this Game, like you have to go to this Roam to kill this Person, you go to diffrent roams to find Easter Eggs or do Tasks to open the Door.

Would that be possibile?

(P.S. or if you are crazy do all your Fnaf Charakters in one Game, I know that some are the same)

We may or may not have something planned like that...


Creator of the Game. I need help! My Problem is at Night 2 where I have to cook(?) the spirits. If Brian comes in I cook him and seconds after that Peter comes in. The Movement is just random. How do I can pass the Night without a 50/50 Chance

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I'm still trying to work on balancing night 2. My best advice is wait a few seconds before scaring Brian away, only Peter and Lois can kill you.

I'm gonna release a patch that should hopefully fix the broken code.