Open sourcing + new ONwS game?

Hello there.

With ONwS 4 being cancelled due to my parents deleting my discord account and causing me to lose motivation for the project, I've decided to  dump the WHOLE series assets (code, zip files, beta builds, etc) so people can use them for whatever they want. I'm now going for ONwS 3, because this game is different. (I DO NOT HAVE THE ACTUAL FULL-GAME SOURCE CODE ANYMORE, I GAVE IT TO VORTEX WARE AND WILL POST IT ONCE I GET MY HANDS BACK ON IT.)

ONwS 3 is my least favourite game in the whole saga.  It's broken, buggy, and we never got around to fixing it all. I never liked Jotbell (owner of the birds in the game + the VA of the house owner/phone guy) at all, he was really bad for my mental health. He threatened us in the server with doxxing and hacking, on top of that he had a very fucked-up sense of humour, so he just gave off bad vibes in general.

I have plans for a new ONwS game, it's set to release on the first game's anniversary,. I'm not spoiling much for it, but just know it will be nostalgic, very nostalgic...


ONwS 3 EARLY SOURCE CODE 02-02-22.sb3 49 MB
Apr 18, 2022
One Night with Spong 3 PROTOTYPE BUILD 12-29-21.sb3 193 kB
Apr 18, 2022
ONwS 3 (3).zip Play in browser
Feb 17, 2022

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