Hello there. Today is a very special day, it has officially been one whole year since the creation of One Night with Spong. So much has happened in that time frame. I built a community, a name for myself, and a skill set. Also, as most of you know there was supposed to be an anniversary project for the One Night with Spong series. It was going to be very large and feature every single character from the series. Well I've been deciding for a very long time what it was going to be. At first it was going to be a manual or online book about all the characters and games, sort of like The Freddy Files. Then it was going to be a game like Ultimate Custom Night. Now it's officially decided that the anniversary project is going to be a video documenting the overarching story behind the series. We've actually been working on lore since the third game, and we are finally excited to present it to you. Let me warn you first that the timeline splits into 2 different parts. The good ending canon and the bad ending canon.  I'll be going over the bad ending canon first, because it is more developed. Without further shenanigans, let's get into the full story of One Night With Spong.

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